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Encore is an ongoing SoundStage! series that explores how the music we love gets made. New segments are added on the 1st of each month.

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February 2020

Interaural crosstalk -- what is it? It’s when the sound that’s intended for one ear is also heard in the other ear, but is delayed in time and lower in volume. It confuses the brain and makes soundstaging and imaging less precise. In this second SoundStage! Encore video featuring David Chesky, he explains how his record company is using special microphone techniques and advanced digital filters to combat crosstalk so that the listener experiences wider, deeper, and more precise soundstages when they listen to his company’s recordings.

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Loel Campbell

Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell talks about setting up drums.

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loel drumming 600w

Producer/engineer/drummer Howard Bilerman describes how he records drums to make them sound real like they do in a room.